Elections will be held from August 1 through August 15, 2024.  Below are the open positions:

VP Membership

VICE PRESIDENT of MEMBERSHIP shall plan, recruit, arrange, and manage all functions related to the PMI-KC Membership. 

VP Volunteers

VICE PRESIDENT of VOLUNTEERS shall solicit volunteers for assistance with chapter activities, researching and matching volunteers with opportunities, strategizing and guiding the direction of the Chapter's volunteer efforts. 

VP Marketing

VICE PRESIDENT of MARKETING shall direct and manage the marketing of chapter events and initiatives. The VICE PRESIDENT of MARKETING shall establish and maintain partnerships with Sponsors for PMI-KC. 

VP Professional Development

VICE PRESIDENT of PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT shall manage all activities related to professional education and enhancement programs. Also responsible for planning, scheduling, arranging, and supervising chapter meetings and any special events, including providing the overall guidance and direction for the annual Professional Development Days. 

An officer elected in the 2024 election cycle assumes their position Jan 1, 2025